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Zambia Air Services Training Institute is a fully fledged aviation training institution offering various programmes. ZASTI is strategically located near the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, which makes it ideal for practical training. We produce the finest aviation experts in the world, by providing thorough and professional training.

Why study at ZASTI?

Strategic Location

ZASTI is the only institution in the country offering various aviation courses under one management. In addition, ZASTI is strategically located near the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, making it ideal for practical training.

Qualified Staff

ZASTI has qualified staff that have knowledge as well as practical experience enabling them to deliver quality training and other civil aviation related services. Not only is the staff qualified and experienced but also committed and dedicated.

Core Infrastructure

ZASTI has core infrastructure and equipment required to conduct both theoretical and practical training in aviation courses. The institute offers hostel facilities for students at competitive and affordable user fees.

Quality Management

ZASTI has a management team that is characterised by responsiveness and flexibility in decision-making to the needs and aspirations of its general work force. This has enabled staff to contribute to the management of the institution.

WorldSkills Champions Trust Representative for Africa

Meet Ms. Euphrasia Mulenga Wapamesa, the WorldSkills Champions Trust Representative for Africa. The World skills international competition is the largest vocational education and skills excellence event held every two years to showcase the importance of professional education and provides a forum for the leaders in the industry to share best practices. Euphrasia came to Zambia Air Services Training Institute (ZASTI) to study Information Technology with ZASTI's ICT department. She then enrolled to pursue aircraft maintenance engineering with ZASTI's Engineering Department.

Euphrasia joined WorldSkills Zambia, the local anchor for Worldskills International, a skills excellence organisation headquartered in the Netherlands. After successfully competing in various local competitions in aircraft maintenance, Euphrasia travelled to represent Zambia at an international competition in Abu-Dhabi in 2017. Euphrasia was one of the only two female competitors in aircraft maintenance at the international stage. She was also the only competitor from Africa in the aircraft maintenance category.

In 2019, Euphrasia was named Africa's representative in Worldskills' prestigious Champions Trust. In 2020, Euphrasia will be travelling to London, to attend a WorldSkills Training camp, as Africa's representative for the Champions Trust. A lot of opportunities lie ahead of Euphrasia as an aircraft maintenance engineer. She joins the few women in Zambia who have taken up the challenge of pursuing careers in aviation. We Congratulate Euphrasia on her achievements, a proud aircraft maintenance engineer and true champion for Zambia and Africa!

How to apply for enrolment

There are two methods in which you can apply. The first one is online application and the second one is downloading a form. With online application, you can click on the link below and fill in your details and submit. Click on this link to use the online application platform.

You are kindly advised to apply using our online application form in order for your application to be processed faster.


Download the application form in hard copy and fill it in. Deposit a K100 (Hundred Kwacha) for the application form in the College account. See the official Bank details below:

  • Bank Name: ZANACO
  • Branch Name: TWIN PALM MALL
  • Account Number: 0015230300103

After completing the application, you can scan copies of the appplication form in portable document format (pdf) together with the deposit slip and email them to: admissions@zasti.ac.zm. Only application forms accompanied with deposit slips and certified copies of certificates will be considered.

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